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  • Bethany Lewis

Designing for Efficiency: Cold Storage Facility Layout and Metal Building Systems

From workflows to automated systems, cold storage facility owners know that the components they choose can make or break their operations.

Designing these massive industrial facilities takes strategic planning to optimize your entire layout for efficiency and functionality. One of the most critical components of this process is selecting suitable building materials. Insulated metal panels (IMPs), a type of metal building wall system, are an obvious choice among cold storage facility owners.

Today, let’s discuss the importance of strategic design in cold storage facilities and how metal building systems, especially insulated metal panels, can help improve clients' efficiency in food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and medical supply.

Strategic Design for Cold Storage Facilities

Efficient cold storage facilities are vital for preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods. To achieve this, a strategic design is necessary to optimize the layout, guarantee smooth operations, and minimize energy consumption.

We pay special attention to how walls touch and how doors and other entryways are planned and installed, and we ensure air moves properly throughout your facility.

Types of Cold Storage Facilities

Cold storage facilities are available in many different styles to cater to different industry requirements. For instance, a vegetable and fruit distributor may need a highly specialized area for different temperatures.

These clients could choose an ambient/cooler storage, which maintains temperatures between 32°F to 59°F for items like fruits and vegetables.

Freezer storage is used for frozen foods with temperatures ranging from -64.4°F to -86°F. Blast freezers are used in food processing to rapidly freeze products.

Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage controls the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to slow the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Refrigerated warehouses offer large-scale coolers, freezers, and ambient storage. Cold rooms are used for small-scale refrigerated storage in restaurants and stores. Modular cold rooms are prefabricated units designed for temporary or flexible storage needs.

Metal Building Systems

Metal building systems are an excellent choice for cold storage facilities due to several advantages they offer clients.

Metal buildings can be designed to reduce heat transfer, which is essential for maintaining the low temperatures required for cold storage. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are especially effective and offer superior insulation compared to traditional building materials.

Highly insulated metal building systems are also extremely energy efficient. Increasing regulations and requirements make them a good choice for owners. Clients also enjoy the peace of mind from a facility that won’t rot, rust, warp, or become infested with anything.

Enhanced Efficiency through Optimized Layouts

Metal building systems offer great flexibility and can be customized to optimize layouts for enhanced efficiency. This includes designing the facility to minimize the distances workers and equipment need to travel and maximize storage capacity.

Cold storage facilities are vital for the food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and medical supply industries. These clients have unique needs when it comes to cold storage, such as strict temperature controls and compliance with regulatory standards. With metal building systems, owners can create layouts tailored to their requirements, increasing productivity and cost savings.

Concluding Remarks

Strategic design is important for optimizing layouts in cold storage facilities. In terms of materials, metal building systems, particularly insulated metal panels (IMPs), are the best option due to their energy efficiency and superior insulation.

By using metal building systems, owners in the food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and medical supply sectors can design layouts that maximize productivity and satisfy customer needs.

Are you planning to build a cold storage facility? Cedar Falls Building Systems, Inc. offers design and build services for commercial and industrial clients. Let us help you create a custom solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today!

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